Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Foodie Finds in Milan

So somewhat belatedly following on from the last post - my apologies - here are some of the yummy things I ate in Milan.
I was keen to try out Tigellas which I had read about on Tripadvisor
Basically it is a cold cuts board served with "tigelle" which are little round Italian flatbreads and a version of fried gnocchi patties which blow up like little pillows, and lots of dips - including Nutella to finish with LOL!  The tigelle are served warm in a paper bag and they can even do gluten free ones.  The prices were very reasonable here too and it was very popular with locals.
I put a selection of the meats and cheese on a plate and the tigelle pockets (top) and fried gnocchi patties (bottom) for me are those on the right, the gluten free ones are in the middle photo.

I really enjoyed the food at Tigella's as it was different.
On the day of my cookery class I did not need much to eat as I had eaten what I cooked for lunch.  So in the evening before the ballet we found a nice restaurant in the Galleria Vittorio
Emanuele II called Il Gatta Rosso - The Red Cat.                                                                   
The cover charge was expensive at €4 but
the fantastic basket of artisan breads made
up for it, they were all delicious. 

I had a beautiful pumpkin soup with croutons - just
looking at it again is making my mouth water!  The
restaurant even provided ladies with those handbag
hooks to hand on the table - I was impressed!

The only time I have drunk coffee in 
years was in Milan and the hotel 
receptionist made this 

cute face in my cappuccino!
On my 2nd visit to Milan I found this great pizza place where you 

can buy just a slice and a drink for €5.50 and it was perfect 
for an informal, inexpensive meal, especially being on my 
own and did not always feel like going to a restaurant.

No trip to Italy is ever complete without ICE CREAM!

Some of the gorgeous "coppas" I had from my favourite 

gelateria Vaniglia (below)!  They were only €5!  The middle 
bottom one was just a tub of ice cream I got on my way home 
from the ballet!

Next time I will report on my cooking classes!  Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the lovely food you have in Milan.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Market Trip in Milan

Following on from my last post, Milan is a foodie heaven.  You do not have to look far to find beautiful produce.  On my last day I headed for the small fresh market of Largo V Alpini in the north west of Milan.  It was very small but oh I was in fresh market heaven!
A huge display of fabulous fruit and veg!

I love the presentation of uniform vegetables:- round
courgettes, artichokes, radicchio and white onions

Courgette flowers - something of a delicacy - tomatoes, 
peppers and the fabulous tree shaped romanescu 

Every fruit imaginable pineapples, apples,
strawberries, oranges....
I loved these rosettes of Chicorino they
were beautiful and I have never seen them before.

Smaller vegetables/salad leaves and herbs.


Various preserved fish, capers, sun dried
tomatoes, nuts etc..

Colourful pulses.
Salted Fish here and preserves and honey in
the background.
Every kind of olive imaginable!
A lovely cheese shop sold a huge variety of cheese.

A lovely colourful plant shop.

In amongst the plants the must have Basil!!
And finally the florist.

Next time we'll have a look at some the yummy finds I made!

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Ciao Milano!

Way back in March I went to Milan to see my favourite ballet Don Quixote at La Scala Milan. I have always wanted to visit that theatre, so I was thrilled to actually get hold of some tickets to see DonQ! My latest favourite holiday activity is cooking so I was thrilled to find a cookery class with the wonderful Cook In Milano.  Milan is quite an industrial city - not as scenic as perhaps Venice or Paris but I liked it - so much so I returned in July for another ballet - Swan Lake.
La Scala Milan

Hmm not impressed by the safety rail 
blocking my view!

The lovely chandelier in the auditorium.

The lead dancers Angelo Greco (Basilio) 
and Vittoria Valerio (Kitri)

The curtain call after Don Quixote.

In the Piazza del Duomo one of the buildings 
had this lovely ballerina adorning the exterior!

The main square in Milan - Piazza del Duomo - is home to the famous Duomo Cathedral and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.
The amazing facade of the Duomo at night.

The beautiful interior of
the Duomo Cathedral.

I loved the inlaid marble floors.

Floral patterns in the marble floors.
One of the altars.

The Duomo has very ornate stained 
glass windows.

The Duomo doors were interesting too!
The traditional style headgear worn by the 
army guards outside the Duomo.

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is an imposing huge building housing high end shops and lots of restaurants.

The Galleria complex.

The central glass dome in the Galleria.
Another boulevard in the Galleria.

Trams are one of the main modes 
of transport in Milan.

This very grand hound 
was sitting in the Piazza, 
so regal!

A lovely piazza and fountain on the way to the 
main Piazza del Duomo, 

which you can see in the background.
One of the water outlets 
on the fountain.

It being Spring the camellias were in bloom 
in huge pots outside many buildings.
A memorial column and garden
on the way back to my hotel.

The gardens were full of lovely 
flowers - daisies and tulips 
being some of the flowers.  
They were very pretty.

The Church Campanile outside 
my window.  Thankfully the bells 
stopped ringing after 7pm!

Of course Milan being in Italy was certainly not short of foodie experiences whether restaurants, cafes, ice cream shops/cafes, markets or cookery classes....More next time!